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#Grow Your Own Food

Truly  you are what you eat and we believe you eat your disease! You’re  feeding yourself High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, Diabetes,  Heartburn, some Cancers, Obesity and most of all Constipation. Whole foods will provide you with all the essential vitamins and nutrients to  survive with optimal health. All the foods on earth that we need to eat  to heal our bodies and improve our health and the longevity of our lives  is given to us by the Most High; God! Genesis 1: 29. Every tree with  seed in its fruit: you shall have them for food. It is our desire to  show the benefits of eating life giving foods to prevent disease and  heal your body. 


We are What we Eat!

    We provides  informative services that teach about nutrition and how to use a 21st  century approach to preparing whole fruits, nuts, vegetables, grains and  legumes to create delicious and nutritious meals with out cooking. No  Meat, No Fish, No Dairy, No Preservatives or Processed Foods! Our  presentation will last approximately 3 hours and participants will be  able to taste and experience the hands on creation of life giving  dishes.  

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